Monday, April 08, 2013

UPDATE 4-8-13

New Albums added to the list today!

Kid Icarus: Uprising OST
 An absolute gem, I got it used (like new) for $34.99!  Totally exceeded my expectations!

Final Fantasy Best Collection Vol. 1
Fantastic CD of arranged music from FF I-VI!
I had the other EtlanZ FF Albums for years, but this one always Eluded me.  

I'm an Ys music completist, and I've been after this CD for a long time.
It comes with the Urusei Yatsura PC Engine game, and though incomplete, 
it's the only CD Hudson made that has the Ys I-III TG16 music. Maybe they figured everyone was listening to the Redbook Audio on the game discs anyway!  

Family Computer Best Collection Volume 2
I need to get Volume one.  These are so cool!  Arranged NES tunes 
in a high quality midi style.  Rules!

Family Computer Best Collection Volume 3
Amazing collection of arranged Famicom tunes!  Can't 
believe I waited so long to get this!  It's amazing.

Total Albums Now 773!

See you next time!