Monday, October 02, 2017

BIG UPDATE 10-2-17!! Over 50 albums added, with new pictures!

Shakey's Escape OST - By Ninichi (via Bandcamp) Very catchy music for a cat themed mobile platformer game!

Terra Magica - The amazing solo album by Saori Kobayashi

Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack

Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album

I am Setsuna Original Soundtrack - Very beautiful! At first I was surprised at the majority of the score being piano based

Reverence of Mana - Doujin Album from the Seiken Densetsu / Mana series

Rock Love 3 - Mega Man EDM Doujin Album - Love this series!

Rock Love 4 - More Mega Man Techno / EDM arrangements

Mega Rock Carnival - Fantastic Album of Mega Man music arrangements from Etlanz

Mega Rock Carnival Extend - A continuation of the above album, also by Etlanz

Mega Xross MIXX - Mega Man music arrangements

Bravely Default Original Soundtrack

My first Vinyl Soundtrack - Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse!

Phantom Brave Arrange Sound Tracks - Great violin here!

Grand Knights History Original Soundtrack

Heart Beat Circuit - Gorgeous Electronic debut album from the talented Smoke Thief!

Xenoblade X Original Soundtrack - A much different tone from the first Xenoblade OST, this one is more electronic / fusion in stye I think

Voltron Original Series Soundtrack - A lot of nostalgia here and I found I actually still remembered some otf the BGM!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe TV Soundtrack - Legendary!

Tales of Zestiria - Go Shiina's contribution here is downright amazing!

Tales of Graces Original Soundtrack

Tales of Vesperia Original Soundtrack

ICO Original Soundtrack

The Last Remnant - I got the game on Steam, but as usual, I had to get the music first before playing.

Ys VIII Original Soundtrack Mini - A bonus from the Japanese LE PS Vita version of the game.

Ys VIII - Original Soundtrack Complete - A masterpiece of a game, this has all the music from the previous release with the additional music for the PS4 version also.

More electronic in nature than the original 7th Dragon. More greatness from Yuzo Koshiro.

7th Dragon III Orginal Soundtrack

Secret of Evermore OST - I sold my original one, however when I learned a dealer had a number of sealed ones and was selling them for about retail price, I jumped at the opportunity, and left it sealed!

Beauitful album from Akane!

Ninja Gaiden Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 1 - Finally a re-release from Brave Wave of the NES Ninja Gaiden music along with the arcade soundtrack.

Ninja Gaiden Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 2 - The complete music from Ninja Gaiden II & III for the NES!  The first time these soundtracks were ever released!

Balance and Ruin - Final Fantasy VI - I was proud to be a backer for this album, as FF VI is my favorite Final Fantasy.

Voices of the Lifestream - Final Fantasy VII - Another great physically released Overclocked Remix album!

Random Encounter - Final Fantasy

Shadow Hearts Plus 1 Original Soundtracks - This was a long overdue purchase, I loved the game and it's music.

Shadow Hearts II Original Soundtracks - I had the game for a long time, but have yet to play it.  I needed the music on hand though!

Alice Order Original Soundtrack - Kind of a shot in the dark, as I knew nothing about the game.  Some fantastic music here!

Fairy Fencer F - I bought the game on Steam a while back, but haven't played it yet. I was not disappointed in the music, especially with Earthbound Papas contributing some of the tracks.

Resonant World / Hikari - The Vocal Themes from Fairy Fencer F

Rainbow Moon Melodies - Rafael Dyll proved he can score RPGs with the best with this soundtrack, it's great!

Lost Odyssey - Another long overdue purchase, it had Uematsu's legendary signature all over it!

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile OST - It took a while to actually find this.  I've had the Klonoa 2 OST forever though.

Secret of Mana Genesis - Not so much of an arrange album, but more like an enhanced album.  I thoroughly enjoy it!

To Live to Die - Touhou music arranged by Kissing the Mirror

Ultra Dancehall - I love this album, Touhou music arranged in EDM style.

Toho Tempest 2 - Killer Touhou arrange album in metal style by Sonic Hispeed Omega

Sound Legacy - RPG music arrange album by Sound Factory Carolina. Intense!

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune OST 10th Anniversary Box - Contains the WMMT 1-4 music, plus the previously unreleased music from 3DX, 3DX+, and Maximum Tune 5.  Tracks are arranged in a different order, but still it's an essential box set of unrivaled Yuzo Koshiro Trance music!

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BIG UPDATE 10-2-17!! Over 50 albums added, with new pictures!

Shakey's Escape OST - By Ninichi (via Bandcamp) Very catchy music for a cat themed mobile platformer game! Terra Magica - The a...